GlenTarras01.jpgGlen Tarras
Other Name:
Address: Roman Fort, by Langholm, Dumfries and Galloway
Esablished: 1839
Closed: 1914

A commentary

Driving down to south on A7 from Hawick the biggest town of Borders, you will find a town called Langholm.
Glen Tarras distillery stands by the river of Tarras about 2 miles away from the town on B6318.
James Kennedy established it in 1839.
The owner changed several times but closed in 1914.
The structures from those days are torn down but excise officer's house and distillery houses still remains as a residential house.
I'd like to thank Mrs. Ruby Lovlie for guiding me around on occasion of my visit.
I'd like to thank for the chance I had to meet Ruby. (May/2008)


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