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Address: Skipper's Bridge, Langholm, Dumfries and Galloway
Esablished: 1765
Closed: 1917

A commentary

Driving down to the south on A7 from Hawick, a biggest town in Borders district, there's a town called Langholm.
Langholm distillery stood near Skipper's Bridge in the south of the town.
It's one of the oldest distillery in Scotland and it was established in 1765.
The owner changed several times and it was closed in 1917.
The main buildings were torn down but part of them still remains and used as garage and houses.
I'd like to thank Mr. Arthur Tolson for providing me photos on occasion of my visit.
After that the garage was closed but the structure still remains.
I'd like to thank for the chance I had to meet Arthur. (May/2008)


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