benmorven01.jpgBen Morven
Other Name: Gerston, GerstonII
Address: Gerston, Halkirk, Highland
Esablished: 1886
Closed: 1900

A commentary

There's a village called Halkirk about 7 miles to the south from Thurso, a town in the very North of Scotland and it is convenient to tour around Caithness.
GerstonII distillery stands by the river that runs in the west side of the town.
After Gerston distillery was closed in 1882, it was built by Gerston Distillery Co in 1886 about 600 yards away from the original distillery.
After that it was bought by Northern Distilleries Ltd. in 1897 and the distillery was named Ben Morven but it was closed in 1900.
Now manager house and few other buildings still remains and they are used as houses.
Also Calder Burn where they brought water from the hill of Calder still remains.
I'd like to thank Joan Porter for nice and warm welcome in spite of our sudden arrival and for providing us with rare pictures and documents.
I'd like to thank for the chance I had to meet Joan. (May/2008)


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