Other Name: Kepp, Westerkepp, Dasherhed
Address: Dasherhead, Gargunnock, by Stirling, Stirling
Esablished: 1795
Closed: 1825

A commentary

Glenfoyle distillery is in the village called Gargunnock, about 5 miles to the west from Stirling.
Kepp distillery was founded by David Cassell in 1795 and in 1825 it was divided into Easterkepp and Westerkeep.
Wasterkepp went bankrupt in 1842 and Westerkeep changed there name into Glenfoyle and continued distilling till 1923.
Many of the buildings from those days still remains and in 2002, part of the building was used for B&B.
Unfortunately, they are now used an houses and burns.(2005)


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