Other Name:
Address: The Roading, Mill Knowe, Campbeltown, Argyll and Bute
Esablished: 1830
Closed: 1927

A commentary

I found Albyn distillery at the south side of Calton Hill, driving to Albyn Ave. from Longrow St.
It was built by William McKersie in 1830.
There were 3potstills, 6washbacks and 5warehouses in a small site.
In 1920 it became a stock company but went bankrupt in 1927.
It's now used as a factory by Jaegaer.
Residence and bowling center can be seen around it. After that, the factory of Jaeger was closed down.
They built a structure that do something with the distillery on the other side of the street in the 1800's but now this building is used for conveyance office.(Sep2006)


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