glennevis01.jpgGlen Nevis
Other Name:
Address: Glebe Street, Campbeltown, Argylle and Bute
Esablished: 1877
Closed: 1923

A commentary

Glen Nevis distillery stands by Glebe Street east side of the Gallow Hill, just next to Ardulassa distillery.
It was first built on 1877 and it was one of the most modern structure in those days.
After that it was owned by many owners and finally they closed it in 1923.
Now they broke them down with Ardlussa distillery and now there stands an works yard of contractor.
The distillery stood on the north side of the area and part of the wall from those days remains on the Gallow Hill side.
Another part of the distillery remains by the road too.
You can imagine the days of this distillery from the words that remains on the old door.


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