Other Name: Lochead
Address: Lochend Street, Campbeltown, Argyll and Bute
Esablished: 1824
Closed: 1928

A commentary

I found Lochhead distillery by Lochend Road, the west of Kinloch park.
It was built by Archibald & R.McMurchy Ltd.
They had the biggest warehouse in Campbeltown in the 1900s.
Though they were bought by Benmore in 1920 and it was closed in 1928. Now the buildings are all torn down and on the site their stands a big supermarket.
The small potstill on the roof reminds us that there once stood a distillery here.
The old building at the back of the parking a lot is part of Hazelburn distillery.
By the way, in the southern area their remains a door and part of the wall of the second warehouse. (2006)


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