glencawder01.jpgGlen Cawdor
Other Name: Glencawdor
Address: By Mill Road, Nairn, Highland
Esablished: 1896
Closed: 1927

A commentary

There's a town called Nairn, a famous resort place about 10miles to the east from Inverness airport.
The distillery stands in the south side of A96, a street that runs in the middle of town, by River Nairn.
It is said to be built by Messrs D.McAndie of Inverness, James Mill of Nairn, and James Mackillican of Calcutta in 1896.
It was closed in 1927 and the buildings were torn down in 1930.
The wide site is now used for playing fields.
Near the place there stands Distilleri Cottage and Glencawder Cottage where they use stone blocks that were used to build Glen Cawdor.


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